"Connecting emotions to behavior is the central theme of my company. Thus, Connexions become critical to identifying and changing behavior." - Retired Army Colonel Victor Ingram.

Company Overview

Connexions Mental Health Services, LLC began in 2019 to serve clients in Las Vegas, Nevada, and its surrounding areas. The company was founded by Victor Ingram, a United States Marine Corps Reserves and United States Army Reserves combat Veteran, who recognized a unique opportunity for service to those in need of making the connection emotions have to their behavior.

By offering a broad range of behavioral health care services, we have the opportunity to empower individuals as they strive to break free from the shackles of mental illness. With every session we facilitate, we promise to handle our client’s information with the utmost confidentiality and treat them with genuine empathy. Seek our support today, and we’ll develop a treatment plan to help you achieve your desired mental state.

Our Mission

We find purpose in building genuine connections with our clients as we help them identify the cause of their disturbance. Our support aims to develop healthy coping mechanisms and treatment plans for those seeking professional help. Assisting people to pursue a promising course in life is the mission we carry to heart.

Our Vision

We envision a future where the communities we serve benefit from accessible mental health services that highlight our clients as individuals rather than focusing solely on their condition. Our goal lies in becoming Las Vegas, Nevada’s most trustworthy mental health support provider.

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Your pursuit of mental and overall recovery begins with your first session with us! Please schedule an appointment with our mental health therapists whenever you are ready. We are here to support you at any time!

Learn About Our Owner, COL(R) Victor Ingram
COL(R) Victor Ingram believes that his former career gives him a distinct advantage over many other therapists treating trauma and PTSD— along with all the other things tied to it. That is because he truly understands what it’s like to see things the average person never has to encounter…

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