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The data-driven practice lies at the core of our services at Connexions Mental Health Services, LLC. Our expertise in clinical psychology allows us to render top-quality behavioral health care support aiming to help individuals reach a more stable state of mind. Along with our person-centered approach, we establish a welcoming and understanding environment where our clients can share their burdens and trauma with their therapists without the fear of getting judged or exploited. We express our support by treating various conditions in several ways. Explore your options with us below:

The Conditions We Treat:

Mental Health & Co-Occurring Disorders

Individuals with substance abuse disorder are more susceptible to developing other mental health conditions. If this happens, a person experiences co-occurring disorders that we can help treat. Our service caters to anyone who’s experiencing two or more mental illnesses.

Anxiety and Panic Disorders

An anxiety attack episode is characterized as experiencing an overwhelming wave of fear that causes a person to have difficulty in breathing or immobilization. We hope to help patients trace the triggers and better control their responses.

Attachment Disorders

Attachment disorders develop during a person’s childhood. Such a condition affects a person’s ability to build and maintain emotional bonds with others. While this disorder affects children mostly, we can also help adults who struggle with emotional attachments.

Bipolar Disorders

People with bipolar disorder exhibit an unpredictable exchange between two opposite moods taken at an extreme state. Switching between the two states is challenging to control and may affect their relationship with others. Seeking our support will help mitigate your behavior.

Complex PTSD

Complex PTSD occurs when a person’s trauma stems from an experience that happened repeatedly or covered a long period in their life. Among those vulnerable to developing complex PTSD are soldiers deployed at war or those experiencing ongoing abuse.

Major Depression

A constant sense of losing interest, hopelessness, and melancholy is one of the signs of clinical depression. When left unaddressed, major depression adversely affects a person’s overall functioning and outlook in life. We offer long-term treatment for your betterment.

Dual Diagnosis

Dual diagnosis is a condition wherein an individual has a developmental/intellectual ability and a mental health condition. It may also refer to the co-occurrence of a mental illness and a substance addiction. Our services cover treatment for multiple diagnoses.

Personality Disorder

A personality disorder is an umbrella term that covers ten mental health conditions. These conditions are characterized by disruptive behavior or thinking patterns. Most often, a person with this condition doesn’t recognize their problematic behavior.

Process Addictions

Addictions that lean on engaging in disruptive behavior (such as excessive shopping, gambling, etc.) are called process addictions. Individuals dealing with behavioral addiction may experience mental or physical health consequences when left untreated.

Obsessive Compulsive Disorders (OCD)

OCD is a disorder wherein an individual experiences unwanted thoughts or sensations that drive them to do compulsions—excessive, repetitive behaviors. When ignoring your obsessions induces overwhelming stress, seeking professional help is ideal.


Trauma is a persistent issue deeply rooted in an emotionally-threatening life experience. In usual cases, people find it challenging to cope with and overcome trauma. Thus, affecting their overall wellness. Our team can provide ways for clients to address trauma.

Chemical Dependency

Chemical dependency is often an aftermath of substance misuse or abuse wherein the body develops an unwanted dependence on a particular substance. Such a condition requires professional help for treatment, and it often involves therapy, detox, and medication.

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Our Approaches to Treatment:

Individual Therapy

In this approach to therapy, the patient undergoes one-on-one sessions with their designated therapist to develop ways to treat their mental health struggles. Individual therapy provides a private therapy setting, and our professionals will treat all the information our client shares with utmost respect and confidentiality.

Group Therapy

Group therapy paves way for dynamic interactions to arise as individuals who share a similar condition or experience seek treatment together. Group sessions are facilitated by a qualified professional, ensuring that the interpersonal experience remains wholesome and conducive to healing.

Military Family Intervention

Having a loved one who’s partaking in active military service can induce emotions of loneliness, anxiety, and stress. Our professionals show support to those in service and their respective families by offering a mental health care program designed to help people living in similar situations.

Comprehensive Mental Health Assessment

A precise diagnosis is what we promise our clients. To ensure that our findings are consistently error-free, our experienced professionals facilitate an extensive mental health assessment to identify the symptoms of their potential condition, present an accurate diagnosis, and develop an appropriate treatment plan for the patient.

Telehealth Service

Are you unable to physically visit us for your therapy session? Never fret. We offer telehealth services that incorporate the latest trends in communication technology, allowing our professionals to meet with our clients virtually. Telehealth paves way for convenient access to quality mental health care services where you are.

Outpatient Treatment

In treating certain mental health conditions, patients are advised to get admitted to a facility overnight or even for days. Outpatient treatment is an option where patients receive mental health services without needing admission. Such a treatment covers a wide range of services delivered in a clinical setting.

Family Services

Families may experience turmoils that, when left unaddressed, can threaten the stability of their familial connections. We offer a treatment approach designed specifically to support family members as they collectively undergo therapy to mend their relationship. Our counseling sessions aim to help families maintain a healthy, functional dynamic.

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